France arms the rebels and puts them in UN uniforms in Côte d'Ivoire

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What you see above are Ouattara's rebels leaving his campaign headquarters, Hotel du Golf, in their failed attempt to overtake the National Television RTI on Thursday for Ouattara. They were faced with heavy fire and decimated. They lost one of their leaders, presumably Idrissa Wattao.

All their weapons were supplied at the hotel by France and the UN who are acting like they know nothing about nothing. Some of the rebels were dressed in UN uniform. On Television today, the army detailed all its findings. Some Civil Rights groups are asking Gbagbo to close the French Embassy and ask all French soldiers to leave Ivory Coast. Will Gbagbo act? That is, as always, the question.

Those rebel FN (Forces Nouvelles) "soldiers" are what AP, Reuters and others call “civilians”. 10 Ivory Coast army soldiers were killed on Thursdays on various fronts. At the Golf Hotel alone, 38 of the Ouattara's rebels were sent to hell. Reuters, AFP and AP stopped talking about them. But when you hear FN, it's those rebels they are talking about.

Soro Guillaume promised to do it again this Friday. None of his "soldiers" showed up. Maybe the UN and France are re-arming them after the heavy casualties they suffered. Those are the same rebels who occupy the North of Ivory Coast since 2002.

40 km North of Yamoussokro, another group of Ouattara's rebels coming from Bouake tried to take Tiebissou. But the Ivory Coast army was waiting for them. Again, they suffered heavy casualties. France and Ouattara' rebels have never disarmed. They are still raping and killing in the North. You don't hear about it. Today, the US representative at the UN, Susan Rice, in a press conference, talked about the event in Abidjan. When she was asked about the rebels attacking Tiebissou, she tries to avoid the question, before replying that it was not a big fight. Yup, not a big fight when heavily armed rebels are attacking a town. Thank you Susan!

Ouattara has no more military options to take Abidjan, unless France, like in 2004, attacks Abidjan. And I don't think France will try that again.

The only real option left for Sarkozy is to make noise with his European allies who know nothing about the crisis. Sarkozy lies to the whole world. And everybody listens, because he has a huge microphone. But we are out in drove to inform all Africans. Even if it's true our voices are submerged, in the whole French propaganda.

Gbagbo must win for Democracy to prevail.

A politician who invades a country with heartless killers should never be allowed to become president, even with the help of the whole United Nations and 95% of rigged elections.

Good night my friends. Independence from France is not for free. We will not let Sarkozy install another French puppet in Africa. At least, not in Côte d’Ivoire.


Gary Bush, December 17, 2010


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ODA 20/12/2010 14:20

JE VOUDRAIS DIRE A L'ONU ET SES DIRIGEANTS : ( cherchez le sentiments qui est à l'intérieur de vous.

soyez en paix avec vous meme,parce que sur votre territoire, la plus grande bataille fait rage, et sur votre territoire, la chose la plus précieuse est en train d'etre décimée.Aucune guerre n'est
compatible à la bataille qui se déroule à l'intérieur de vous (d'un etre humain). Des vies sont détruites dans cette bataille de rebellion ivoirienne diriger par mr sor et sont vrais proprietaire
mr alassane dramane ouattara que conciencieusement vous savez. Des moments sont sacrefiés dans cette bataille. Une décimation totale peut se produire. c'est la bataille la plus horrible qui
existe, parce que meme si vous gagnez, vous perdez. lorsque vous combattez à l'intérieur, c'est la plus grande bataille. il est peut-est possible d'empecher le monde de se battre, mais il est
difficile d'empecher quelqu'un de se battre à l'intérieur de lui soyez en paix et soyez en paix avec vous memes.



jean brice 19/12/2010 05:03

When President Obama was elected, all black africans and our offsprings in America were so proud of one of our son but now Susan Rice and him turned a blind eye on real democracy and the role of
the constitutional council in a sovereign country because the french army is fighting the talibans in Afghsnistan. That is so deplorable to side with the evil rebels who have committed rapes and
atrocities in the north of Ivory Coast. As a Canadian Ivorian, i'm so deeply touched and humbled by the honesty of your articles; i was wondering if you could send copies of your articles to
 the new york times to be published so the world can have a glimpse of the mess in that part of Africa. Thank you!

l'Etranger 19/12/2010 00:07

It's rather unfortunate that the whole world has been fooled and misled by France. When they claim that Allassan Ouattara won the elections, that Gbagbo's party is
minority, that ECOWAS(four countries out of fifteen) has condemned Gbagbo by suspending la Côte d'Ivoire, when they called an army of rebels killed in a battle
"civilians"....... All they have done and said concerning this ivorian crises have been based on liars, false declarations etc... But, let us all wait and see. The truth wil triumph at
long last. SHAME ONTO THEM!!!

VICTOR 18/12/2010 15:09

Your article is refreshing and informative. We knew since the very beginning that allowwing the so call "casques bleu" would be playing with double edged sword. We as African have come along way
in term of our critical view point of the political situation in Africa; and I guess  whoever is seeking to find out more about us, will be invited  to do it directly instead of using
the "almighty Fance" by Proxy as a main source of information. Only God is almighty and we shall overcome the oppression. Thanks a lot for keeping us up dated.